Race Car Color Pages

Children have dreams. There are many professions in this world that they aspire to be, for example, as a car racer. Is there any aspiring racer visiting this site? If there is any, then you have stopped by the perfect place! We have prepared the best collection of race car color pages for your kids who aspire to be a racer with high definition and printable sizes. Check out these color sheets of race car provided in the images below!

image via www.dragoart.com

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Number 5 Worksheets

A number of worksheets has been prepared and is ready for you to save and print! When your kids are learning about numbers, it is better to give them each number worksheets to assist their learning. This time, we would like to share to you several best selections of number 5 worksheets for your children to learn more about number 5. Check out the first worksheet on the image posted below!

number 5 worksheet birds
image via www.dinkycow.com

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Fun Maze for Kids

Want to have fun as well as studying? Well, this probably sounds odd, but yes of course we can make learning activity more fun by combining it with game. This time we have prepared for your beloved little ones the best selections of maze for kids to help developing your kids’ brain activity! Prepared in a variety of designs and pictures, these mazes will surely attract your children’s interest. Check out these maze sheets that we have posted in the following images!

image via www.pinterest.com

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Letter S Worksheets Printable

Have your kids been able to write down letter S by themselves correctly? If they haven’t, let’s help them to learn it! Today we have prepared for you the best selections of letter S worksheets that you can save and print for your preschool kids. Letter S comes after letter R and preceding letter T.

These worksheets are made with many kinds of letter s exercises that is easy for children. Scroll down to see and save the worksheets!

image via www.sunflowersatschool.blogspot.com

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Letter M Worksheets to Print

Are your kids still learning alphabets? Are they doing great? Let’s continue to learn alphabets with your kids! This time we have prepared for you the best selections of letter m worksheets that you can save and print for your beloved kids.

Letter m comes after letter l and precedes letter n. The form of letter m is quite easy to be learned by children. Check out these worksheets that we have provided in the images below!

image via www.booglesworldesl.com

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Pretty Birthday Cake Color Pages

Birthday is one of the most exciting things for children. They are always excited anytime their birthday is nearing. It is a moment that children and parents will remember for the rest of their life. Most of parents like to hold birthday party to celebrate their kids’ born day. When you are talking about birthday party, one thing that is a must to be present is the birthday cake. Therefore this time we have prepared a variety of birthday cake color pages for your kids as their coloring activity media learning. Check out the color pages below!

image via www.freecoloringpages.co.uk

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Free Same Different Worksheets

Brain’s sensibility is one of several factors that determine whether someone is smart or not. There are so many ways to test your children’s brain ability, and one of them is by sensing similarities and differences. This time we have collected a variation of same different worksheets that you can freely save and print for your kids! These worksheets contain interesting exercises relating to the concept of ‘same and different’. Children are expected to notice ‘what is different’ and ‘what is the same’ between things. Scroll down to see and save the images!

image via www.english4kids-step-by-step.blogspot.com

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Months of the Year Templates

Learning about time, days, months, and years is important for children. They will ultimately have to know and understand the concept of time and date. Therefore, this time we will share a collection of the best selections months of the year templates for your children with high quality pictures! These templates have been prepared to accompany your children’s learning activities on learning and memorizing months. The pictures are provided in the images below. Just click on the image to save it!

image via www.teachersupplysource.com

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Letter I Worksheets to Print

Let’s have another time to learn alphabet writing! This time we have prepared for you the best selections of letter i worksheets that you can save and print for your preschool kids. In the alphabets, letter I comes after letter H and precedes letter J. It has a really simple form which is a vertical line for the capital/uppercase form and a shorter vertical line with a dot above it for the small/lowercase form. Check out these worksheets that we have provided below and just click on the image to save it!

image via www.coloring-4kids.com

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Printable Capital Letter Worksheets

Writing is an important lesson for children to learn. They need to be introduced to many kinds of alphabet writing, and one of them is the capital letters writing. Capital writing is also sometimes called as uppercase letters, the opposite of small/lowercase letters. This kind of alphabet writing is usually used to initiate the beginning of a sentence or a proper noun, and also to write titles. This time we have prepared for you the best selections of free and printable capital letters worksheets that you can print for your children! Scroll down to see and save the worksheets!

image via www.a-z-worksheets.com

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