Blank Ruler Templates

This time we provide you with an easy to use and free printable online blank ruler template that will save your money from buying ruler! Choose from our collection of printable rulers below that you can download and print for free. Here are the printable templates of the rulers in inches and graph. Your students can use this 6-inch printable ruler in your study of the English system of measurement.

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blank ruler template inch
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Print this blank ruler template correctly so that you can either use it as it is in the worksheet or cut it out to measure objects around your classroom or at home. Using a ruler is important in learning valuable measuring and mathematics skills. Pair this 6-inch ruler with a centimeter ruler for a complete approach to measurement! Check out the other template of ruler below!

Blank Ruler Template 30cm
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Blank Ruler Template for Kids
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Our free and printable paper rulers offer easy and accurate measurements. Simply download and print one of our free ruler templates and you have an instant measuring tool. These templates will be really great for learning or if you do not own a ruler but need to take a quick measurement. The printer paper ruler can be used for measuring and drawing as well.

Blank Ruler Template Half Circle
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Blank Ruler Template Timer
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The free printable ruler is great if you need a ruler in a flash and don’t want to go to the office store. Click on any of the rulers below to open up the enlarged view and make it easier for you to download. This free flexible printable ruler is great for measuring. Take a note that you have to print the units of measure correctly!

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