Mega Charizard X Coloring Pages

Here are 10 free printable mega Charizard x coloring page you can get to involve your kid to do some creative activities. Your kid’s going to really love these coloring pages with his favorite character. Charizard is featured in the Pokémon anime series with the most recurring being from the main character Ash Ketchum. It is featured in printed adaptations such as Pokémon Adventures, in the possession of Blue, one of the main characters. Don’t miss it and start choosing the coloring pages!

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mega charizard x coloring page easy
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Charizard appears in Pokémon Origins with main character Red as its trainer. In these printable mega Charizard x coloring pages, there are pictures of the characters that your kid can color. Charizard’s design is inspired by a dragon with two teal wings, with a mostly orange body and back. Its plantigrade feet have the bottom mostly covered by a single pad that is cream-colored like its belly, while its eyes are light blue in color. When Charizard is Mega Evolved, it can take on one of two forms. Both forms are characterized by white pupils, bigger and sharper teeth, claws and horns and the bright coloring of the belly.

mega charizard x coloring page free
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mega charizard x coloring page kids
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In its “X” form, its color scheme changes from orange and cream to black and blue, with red eyes, two claws appear on each shoulder and wings acquiring a multilobed, feather-like structure. The flame at the tip of its tail becomes blue and blue flames are constantly breathed out from the sides of its mouth.

mega charizard x coloring page simple
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mega charizard x coloring page printable
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Learning time will be so exciting with the help of these coloring pages. If you want to teach your kid with the fun way, this coloring page can be the right help for you! Take print out of these and surprise your kid by gifting them these coloring pages!

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