Printable Tally Marks Worksheets

Teach your kids on how to derive information from tally marks by giving them these printable tally marks worksheets. Children have to be taught and trained in drawing or making tally marks by themselves in order to sharpen their skill in grabbing information and solving problems! A variety of interesting tally marks worksheets are available to be printed in high definition. Check out the pictures below!

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tally marks worksheet table
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Have you ever taught your children about the concept of collecting information using tally marks? That being said, tally marks are a quick way of keeping track of numbers in groups of five. One tally mark is used for each occurrence of a value.  One vertical line is made for each of the first four numbers, while the fifth number is represented by a diagonal line across the previous four.

tally marks worksheet for group
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tally marks worksheet printable
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In these worksheets, students are expected to be able to derive certain information based on the charts. They then have to solve the problems based on the obtained information.

tally marks worksheet template
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tally marks worksheet with animals
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Develop your children’s ability in deriving information and solving by giving them these worksheets! Have a successful learning and bye bye!

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